Sade Now In the Studio

Sade Now In the Studio To Release New Album




Sade now In the Studio To Release New Album. It's been some time since she and her popular band has been in studio recording new hits. However, they seem to be back at it.

Sade is a musical Goddess and works alongside her band, but their fans might have been wondering where the Grammy-winning band has been hibernating since the release of "Flowers in the Universe," a song that had a huge impact and contribution to Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time" soundtrack. Now the long silence is over as the band have confirmed getting back to the studio to work for on a new studio album that will feature more entertaining songs.

Stuart Matthewman, who is one of the original members of the band told Rated R&B, that they been working on a number of songs together and want to perfect it in the studio as they are working their very best to ensure that their music fraternity and the fans will love the songs as soon as they finish the final product. He adds that they working closely with their creative team and once they are satisfied that it's the best product, they will let the fans know and everyone to hear.

Sade has not released a new album since the release of Soldier of Love in 2010. The Album was an instant hit that landed on No.1 on the Billboard 200 where they made a stunning sale of 502,000 copies within the first week of release.

It may seem like a long time, but this doesn't affect Sade. Matthewman adds that their record company isn't always there nagging them to work faster, or putting them under pressure and insisting on deadlines. He says that such issues do not interfere with their work as they are not in the industry for fame but to deliver quality music to their fans. He adds that Sade is not interested in fame but insist that they work on delivering art and quality and when everything is perfect, that's the time they release. No matter how long it takes, Sade always delivers.

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