Sam Dusenbury has been a creator of sports and music content since his days patrolling the hallways and gyms in Queens, NY. He amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge in professional sports as a writer/photographer/radio producer and on-air host. He is now focused on the building up the sports site and his all NBA podcast “The Pick N Pop Podcast” tune in for the knowledge stay for the humor as Sam Dusenbury gives unique views on the world of the NBA.

On Oct 20, 2017, Sam Dusenbury recaps the most interesting story lines from the first week of NBA action. The Thunder look to be legit, the Spurs are overlooked again, the Bulls have defeated the Knicks for biggest laughing stock in the league…plus the debut of LAVA Takes! Sam has his weekly¬†PICK N POP podcasts available on Soundcloud.






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