John Legend New Song – A Good Night

John Legend has gained popularity in the music industry with his hits like “Ordinary People”, “Use To Love You”, among others. The star has bounced back in the industry from the Easter adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert for NBC with a new song.

The song “A Good Night” is an innovative piece of art shot through cellphones. This shows how technological advance has contributed to the growth of music industry. BloodPop is the producer of the song while Mishka Kornai directed it. Sasha Sloan and Raye take credit in writing this hit while Susan Kelechi Watson, Yara Shahidi, Jay Ellis, and features as cameos in the song.

The song was inspired by love and was filmed with 23 Google Pixel 2 phones over 14 hours. It entails about going out in a magical night and meeting someone you feel strongly attracted and imagines of spending your future together. John meets his love of life and future wife Chrissy in this upbeat song filled with disco flavors.
The song portrays the desperation of a person who has been using all means to connect with someone to spend a life with but with no success. Finally, during one the magical night out, they meet someone special. Things change for the better after the couple meets and it turns into a fantasy future where they get married. Generally the song has connection, love, and beautiful celebration at the end.
The song’s cover has a newly married couple which shows the target audience that John Legend is focusing on. The message that John is passing is that there is always is a special person for anyone regardless of what one goes through. In the end, one will find the true love of his/her life and live happily after that. This John Legend new song is destined to make a great hit.



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