On Friday, December 1, 2017 at 7:00pm, lead Studio Engineer, Alix Constant of ACI Muzik – Music Production & Management will be taking his talent, dedication and passion for music LIVE on HYROAD Radio. He will be mixing up all your well known jams from his New Jersey home studio. Alix, a Hollis Queens, New York native will give a worldwide audience of HYROAD Radio listeners a mix of RNB and SOUL hits from artists that spans generations.

Not just known for mixing, Alix Constant and his partner Zephyr PewPew has established ACI Muzik, an Artist Development platform to assist those new and independent acts seeking opportunities to get in the music business. What makes their partnership unique is their versatility and experience. Their past mistakes has help them professionally. They are the architects of recording artists Romeo Riaz and Sasha Truth. Zephyr PewPew has also is been active in the studio, recording a new mix-tape, which currently available on ACI Muzik website.

Alix’s DJ Showcase mix tracks will include:


Check out ACI Muzik artist Zephyr’s music video “Boomfire”


Check out ACI Muzik artist Romeo Riaz’s video “Losing You”


Check out ACI Muzik artist Sasha Truth’s video “Turning Point”



For all Your Classic RNB, DISCO and SOUL all-time hits, listen LIVE to HYROAD Radio




    • Bruce Pettway says:

      Hey Romeo! Songs and videos by you and Zephyr are in the article. I just added Sasha too. On Friday, will be a mix by Alix. Right after the mix, I can play songs by all three of you. I will talk to Alix about this.

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