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The Spinners are known as one of the most legendary American singing groups of rhythm and blues history. Founded in 1954 in Michigan and initially known as The Domingoes, when it was still under Henry Fambrough, Billy Henderson, Spencer, James Edwards and Pervis Jackson. They lived in public houses of Detroit Gardens before coming together and starting a singing group.

However, Spencer and Edwards left the group after a short while but they were replaced by Bobby Smith and George Dixon and then decided to change their group name from the Domingoes to the Spinners.

In 1961, The Spinners came up with their first song, which they performed at the Apollo Theater after the departure of Dixon, who was replaced immediately by Edgar Edward and managed to produce a series of hit songs which made them famous. Let’s now have a quick glimpse of their top 5 songs.

1. I’ll Be Around
This was one of their top hit song which was written by Phil Hurtt and Thom Bell. It was their first label release for the Atlantic Records album. It was backed up by the MFSB band during its recording that took place at Sigma Sound Studios.

2. Could It Be I am Falling In Love
It’s also another love song that was written by two brothers, Mervin and Melvin Steals and later produced in 1972 by Thom Bell. It was ranked position 11 on the UK's R&B chart after selling millions of copies.

3. Love Don’t Love Nobody
This song emerged to be one of the top soul songs in 1970s, and still remains a bit hit today because of its inspiring message that was decorated by wonderful ornamentation. It was written by Jefferson and Simmons, the great songwriters of Philadelphia. It begins with a touching opening verse that expresses the real meaning of love.

4. One Of A Kind
It was their third hit single song that was certified as gold by the RIAA Group. It was under the Atlantic Records upon its release in 1972. It was ranked the top hit song for two consecutive times on the US hit singles chart.

5. Working My Way Back To You
It’s another hit song of the 1960s, which expresses remorse and fullness of certain guy who mistreated her wife, but he struggles to win her love again after going through hard times. It was written by Danny Randel and Sandy Linzer.

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