Johnny Gill's New Song "Soul Of A Woman"




Johnny Gill's New Song Proves He Still Got It!

If you weren't paying attention, it would have been easy to think that Johnny Gill disappeared from the music scene. The R&B singer, made famous as a part of New Edition, made hearts melt in the 1990s with his soulful voice and beautiful lyrics.

Gill didn't leave the music scene, although his mainstream popularity might have dipped. While supporting charitable causes and finding love, Gill has been getting ready to followup 2014's "Game Changer". The wait is over.

If you've missed Gill, or if you've just been waiting for something new from the crooner, the time is now. Gill has released a new single entitled "Soul of a Woman" and it is going to make you swoon.

As if Gill dropping a new track wasn't enough, the video created to allow us all to visualize Gill's lyrics is simply stunning. Another version of the video features photographs of prominent African-American females, accompanied by the lyrics to the song. Watch closely and you will see Taraji P. Henson, Janet Jackson, Stacy Abrams, and more.

Active in the music scene for more than three decades, Gill is enjoying his second number one on Billboard. "Soul of a Woman" has climbed the ranks since first appearing on June 22.

We aren't sure who Gill is singing this song to, but we feel like he's reaching out to every woman out there. The lyrics are a celebration of love and one can't help but feel as though Gill is serenading them directly. It's not a new gift to the singer. He has been making women swoon with his gorgeous, heartfelt lyrics since the late 80s.

Gill has been missed by those who grew up with him. A new song in the number one spot is sure to introduce the singer to a whole new generation of adoring fans.

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