JAGGED EDGE Top 10 Slow Jams


This group really need no introduction, other than being called one of the most successful R&B groups of the 1990s.

Jagged Edge from Atlanta Georgia, who members includes lead singers and identical twin brothers Brandon and Brian Casey as well as Kyle Norman and Richard Wingo.

HYROAD Radio has roughly picked just 10 of their many hits and placed them as their TOP 10 SLOW JAMS of All-Time.

There are many Jagged Edge slow songs to choose from, but here are just 10:

10: He Can’t Love You
Album: J.E. Heartbreak
The emotion can clearly be felt in this song and the listener does not struggle to relate. He still loves her and will do anything to get her back.  He also warns her that she is making a mistake in the new relationship.

9: Girl It’s Over
Album: Jagged Little Thrill
At one point or another, we will all go through heartbreak. This song is about the all too familiar feeling of putting everything into a relationship, and not having someone reciprocate any of it.

8: I Gotta Be 
Album: A Jagged Era
Donning a much lighter and electric note, the song speaks about falling in love. The intense feelings of passion and romance that occurs at the beginning of a new relationship.

7: Walk Outta Heaven
Album: HARD
Jagged Edge puts the onus on themselves, speaking about being the one who wronged the other in a relationship, losing the great feelings, and wanting them back.

6: Wednesday Lover
Album: A Jagged Era
Jagged Edge speaks about a true love, one that burns with desire. They yearn for love daily but is only satiated on Wednesdays. Whether this is a lover or a long-term relationship is left abstract to the listener.

5: Put A Little Umph In It
Album: Baby Makin’ Project
Jagged Edge alludes to a more sensual and slow song, invoking a feeling of excitement and passion in the bedroom with a significant other.

4: What’s It Like
Album: HARD
For someone that has never truly been in love, or cannot find it again, it may seem hopeless. “What’s it like” is about finding true love, and the internal struggle towards achieving it.

3: Goodbye
Album: Jagged Little Thrill
Saying “Goodbye” is hard, especially when you are the cause. Jagged Edge talks about leaving a relationship because the person ending it feels inadequate for the other, regardless of not doing anything wrong.

2: Let’s Get Married
Album: J.E. Heartbreak
The title of the song is spot on to its lyrics. Relationships come and go, but there will sometimes be one that defies the odds and the love is so strong it can only end in matrimony.

1: Promise
Album: J.E. Heartbreak
In many relationships, there is a degree of reassurance that needs to be made, especially at the beginning. "Promise" speaks about trust, and having the loyalty to see it through.

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