76ers The New Dream Team – Sam Dusenbury

On this special post Thanksgiving dinner edition pod Sam sits down with Mike & Julian from the Not That Serious podcast (@NTSPod) to recap the first month of NBA action and 76ers The New Dream Team. Can the Rockets or Thunder see the Warriors in... Read More.

LeBron On The NYC Train – Sam Dusenbury

Sam talks about Cavs and LeBron on the NYC Train. Why didn’t dude want to be seen next to LeBron? Is Ty Lue the problem in the land? The OK3 are in trouble, Brad Stevens getting too much credit for the Boston start and... Read More.

Lebron Goes Nuts!! The PICK N POP – Sam Dusenbury

Sam recaps the week that was but focuses mainly on the 2 big Friday night games as LeBron goes nuts vs the Wizards and Celtics comeback on OK3. Is Russy hurting the Thunder? Draymond Green speaks out and Mark Cuban jumps on him…who’s right?... Read More.

The PICK N POP Podcast – With Sam Dusenbury

Sam Dusenbury has been a creator of sports and music content since his days patrolling the hallways and gyms in Queens, NY. He amassed a tremendous amount of knowledge in professional sports as a writer/photographer/radio producer and on-air host. He is now focused on... Read More.