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Albert Leornes Greene who was famously known as Reverend Al Green was born on 13th April, 1946 in Arkansas, U.S. Al green became famous in the 1970’s following his great soul music career after producing the top love songs ’Let’s Stay Together’’ and other singles including Tired of Being Alone’’ and You Oughta Be with Me’’. He performed both secular and the gospel music but later transformed fully to producing only the gospel hits and dedicating his time more on his religious faith. He has produced more than 20 million song records leading to his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. He was praised and honored to be one of the most gifted artists in the soul music career.

Early life

Al Green was born in the Dansby in Arkansas, US and started his music career at the age of 10 in the Forrest city Quartet popularly known as the Greene Brothers. The group performed in various occasions visiting different cities in the South during the mid-1950’s before moving to Grand Rapids in Michigan. However immediately after moving to Michigan, Al Green was kicked out of the group by his father when he found out that he listened to Jackie Wilson’s songs.

Music career

Al Green later in 1967 formed the R&B group popularly known as the Al Green & the Creations with some of his friends. The group became more active and produced their first hit song named the Back Up Train which rose the group to more publicity. In 1968 the group which had been renamed the Soul Mates, produced another hit, however their record did not get an audience. Later in 1969 Al Green was signed in to the Hi Records and collaborated with the group to produce more hit songs.

Spiritual life

His religious faith grew stronger and he was born again as a Christian during his music tours in 1973. However he did not stop producing and performing in his secular labels. However on 18th October, 1974, Al green completely transformed to a full Christian after a woman named Mary Woodson known to be his girlfriend attacked him with a pan full of boiling hot grits following the claims that Al Green was not ready to get married. The lady later or committed suicide and it is during his long recovery from the burns that brought Al green closer to his spiritual faith.

After healing, Al Green bough a church in Memphis and named it the Full Gospel Tabernacle and leading all church services and helping people grow their spiritual lives. He continued producing more hit songs but at this time only dwelt on the gospel music producing the Belle Album in 1977. He at times tried working in both the secular and the gospel worlds but completely turned back to his christian devotion in 1979 after falling off from stage. He had fully devoted his life for the love of God and encouraged other Christians to turn their life to Christ too. Al Green has since produced more gospel hits and even featuring on the Rolling Stone magazine’s as one of the top 100 greatest artists in the time.

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